‘Immerse yourself into a textile ocean’ at Hostelco 2018

In the latest edition of Hostelco 2018, the project of Carmela Martí Decoración, ‘Immerse yourself into a textile ocean’, located at Hostelco –Live Hotel, became a must see for all the fair attendees. The room transported the visitors directly to the sea in every way, wrapping them in a curtain ocean with a full spectrum of deep blues and the sound of the waves and the fresh scent of the water. A small haven of tranquility which was attended by many people to take a break from the hectic pace of the fair.

This original idea, whose creative direction was by the studio Boma, is a “performance” to convey the conviction that the ‘New Hotel’ is not only a place to spend the night, but a place where visitors look for new experiences. Hotels become a destination themselves in which you can find art, music, imagination and ambiences where all the senses are involved.

Carmela Martí also demonstrates the immense potential of linens to transform any space. The technique used to capture the sea on the fabric is digital printing, whose technical developments enable these linens to be used in the hospitality sector. This opens up many possibilities to carry out all kinds of projects, totally customized and original.This is just the beginning of what Boma and Carmela Martí can accomplish. Creativity knows no bounds and it appears that they are willing to prove it.