‘Responsable’ textile on Carmela Martí’s collections

“Carmela Martí sees arise in demand for its recycled plastics collection”

Carmela Martí has seen rising demand from hotel sector professionals for its collections made from recycled fibres. The company has offered this line for several years and it is currently in use at different hotel establishments. ‘Today, any activity aimed at driving the circular consumer economy and recycling is a boost to the environment. For some time now, we have been making great strides with this initiative’, the firm explains.

As Carmela Martí sources point out, they first looked into using recycled fibres several years ago, with the idea finally coming to fruition in several hotel collections. In this vein, the Spanish firm offers decorative textiles made from recycled cotton and fibres from plastic bottles and packaging that have, in many instances, been cleared from the numerous debris patches in our oceans. Indeed, a recent Greenpeace report estimated there are between five and fifty billion tonnes of this debris in the world’s oceans, without taking into account any fragments on the seabed or on beaches.

‘It is not an impossible fantasy. We have shown that innovation can add value to society and for professionals, who have expressed their satisfaction with our products. Our customer experience to date has been great with a sign of this being the rising demand for collections of this kind that are designed for daily use at businesses. The hotel sector is ever more mindful of sustainability’, the company explains. The firm highlights that recycled fibre collections can be found in rooms at the Hotel Palmeral in Benidorm and the Hotel San Ramón del Somontano in Huesca. ‘We hope that the path we set out on some time ago encouragesother companies to commit to developing textile products that include recycled fibres to help diminish any impact on the natural environment.’

A ‘responsible’ fabric made from cotton and plastic. The fabric used for the collections comprises two kinds of fully woven 100%-recycled fibres. On one side, recycled cotton from scrap material is cut into small pieces to produce cotton fibre. On the other, polyester fibre from plastic bottles and packaging is obtained and made into PET (polyethylene terephthalate).In many instances, the plastics used come from debris found in our seas and oceans. With regard to cotton, it should also be underlined that recycling saves millions of litres of water every year, since even organic crop farming requires huge amounts. In addition, recycling fabrics cuts CO2 emissions, energy use and the space required for landfills.

The professionals at Carmela Martí underscore that the resulting ‘natural-looking fabric has a soft fresh texture that works in both Alpine and coastal settings’. In turn, the geometric patterns in the collection are on-trend with a carefree sensation. Moreover, the textiles have been awarded certifications attesting to Carmela Martí’s constant commitment to the circular economy by using sustainable materials and processes.